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CareWell Services is currently accepting RFP Applications for funding for services to older adults in Barry and Calhoun Counties.

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As part of the MI Choice Medicaid Waiver program, Region 3B Area Agency on Aging maintains a pool of direct service purchase vendors within our service area to provide quality service to our participants.  If a participant’s Plan of Care justifies services, the Supports Coordinators will contact a provider for the provider pool to request services.  If you would like to become a provider with Region 3B, you will first need to ensure you meet the following requirements:

  • Complete Application Packet
  • Meet all program requirements as defined in the Operating Standards
  • Maintain local, state, and federal requirements


MDHHS Waiver Minimum Operating Standards

AASA Minimum Standards

2021 CareWell Services Provider Operating Standards

Operating Standards for Service Programs

Grievance Policy


Becoming a Provider

New providers are required to complete an application packet and provide the required documents showing that the program requirements will be met.  If you are interested in becoming a provider, please contact the Contract Coordinator at (269)966-2450.


New Provider Application

Subcontractor Agreement

2021 Assurance

Billing Instructions and Forms:

Monthly Billing Form

EXAMPLE Monthly Billing Form

EXAMPLE Monthly Billing Form TRANSPORT

Billing Instructions Updated Aug 2018

Submit a Complaint

Notice of Public Hearing

CareWell Services is seeking input from the public about the needs of an available services for seniors in Barry and Calhoun counties. Attend a public hearing or submit your feedback via letter or email.

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