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Care Management & Transitions

What is Care Management?

Are you or a loved one recovering from a fall, stroke, illness, or other health concern?

Are you having some difficulties with some daily living tasks like bathing, dressing, getting up or down to move around (transfers), toilet use or eating?

Are you concerned about short-term memory and recall issues, confusion or difficulties organizing paperwork, or problems remembering to pay bills?

You are not alone! Many people are uncertain where to turn when they have questions about these issues.

CareWell Services seeks to help older adults maintain their independence in their community and in their own homes.

Care Management provides person-centered care planning and service arrangements for frail seniors. Person-centered means that your needs, desires, preferences, and goals are most important as we work with you and your caregivers to determine how, when, where, and by whom services are provided.

Care Transitions is focused on assisting you as you leave the hospital or rehabilitation facility. CareWell Services staff will work with the discharge planners to make sure you have everything you need for a safe and successful transition home.

Your CareWell Services Care Manager can assist you in identifying what your choices and options are for medical and social supports which may be useful in order to maintain your health and independence.

CareWell Services respects the rights, beliefs, and dignity of our consumers. We actively seek to understand personal feelings and demonstrate compassion. We engage consumers and their caregivers within a teamwork structure to balance empowerment and interdependence. We strive to provide quality services which fulfill our mission to promote health, independence and choice, and our vision of creating choice for living.

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