Watch your mail for your New Part D insurance cards. December 7, 2020, is the final day of 2021 Open Enrollment for Medicare Prescription Drug Part D and Medicare Advantage with Part D. Changes made will be effective beginning January 1, 2021.  

Persons who enrolled or made changes to their plan choices during the October 15 to December 7 enrollment period should be watching their mail for their “Hello and Welcome” packets of information and insurance cards from their new Part D insurers. You may also get a cancellation letter from your 2020 plan. 

HINT: Use a sharpie and write “2021” on a blank area of the back of your new card. Cut up and dispose of your old Part D (PDP) card, to be certain you’re always giving providers the card of the current year! 

If you do not receive your information and need help finding the toll free number for the plan you selected for 2021, simply call the Battle Creek MMAP office at 800-803-7174, or the Calhoun County Office of Senior Services at 269-781-0846, or the Forks Senior Center in Albion at 517-629-3842. These MMAP counselors can also provide guidance to persons who will be newly Medicare eligible in the coming months. 

Retirees on Social Security should also be receiving your annual Social Security Income statement, showing your 2021 gross income, any Part B or Part D Medicare premiums being taken out, and what you can anticipate for a monthly deposit. Save this important document, as it is your proof of income when applying for many services or assistance programs for the entire coming year.  

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