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My Medicare Matters—Deductibles Matter-Check Yours!

The annual Part D Deductible for 2022 may be as high as $480 for some Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage with Part D drug plans. In 2021, the highest deductible was $445.

A deductible, in simplest form, is the amount you must pay out of your pocket before the insurance will kick in and begin paying its share towards your medicines. Medicare Part D plans are more complex, in that medicines are placed in pricing tiers by each individual plan, and some plans may not charge the deductible against certain lower-tier medications. The pricing tiers and which meds are on them can change annually.

One of the best ways to know what your 2022 deductible and out-of- pocket copay costs will be is to do an annual plan review during the Open Enrollment period, which runs October 15-December 7 each fall. 

The Medicare Medicaid Assistance Program offers benefits counseling and annual reviews at no charge. They can help you compare plans, see where you might be able to save money by switching plans or pharmacies, and even screen you for the Prescription Extra Help program. 

Call MMAP now, for your open enrollment review! MMAP Benefits counseling is done by appointment only. Please phone to set your appointment. Counseling may be done in person or via phone, subject to change. 

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