Assistive Technology (AT) is not only for people with disabilities, AT can also be for the caregiver to make their care easier.

The Echo, a device that follows voice commands, could be useful as a caregiver. While  assisting your loved one, a free hand is not always available to turn on a light or for any task where extra hands may be needed. A smart device can complete these tasks just using your voice. 

Having difficulty turning someone in their chair or helping a person stand? Try a swivel seat or an Uplift Seat. These devices are great for assisting the caregiver with their loved one.

Safety devices such as the CookStop that will turn off the stove if someone is distracted. Other safety devices include bed alarms, cameras, and door or window alarms for a person who may wander. There are also GPS trackers to monitor loved one who may wander and get lost or confused.

There are several devices to help make the daily tasks of caregiving easier as well. A reacher/grabber, one-touch can or jar opener, or medication reminders are great tools to support the caregiver with the care of their loved one. 

For more ideas, please contact Carolyn Boyle, LLMSW, AT Coordinator and Certified ADA Coordinator at CareWell Services, by calling 269-441-0949 or email

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