Did you know that falls are the leading cause of injury for adults over the age of 65? One in four older adults fall every year. These falls can result in hip fractures, broken bones, and other injuries. For many, the fear of falling becomes greater during aging, and this fear can lead to reduced activity and even depression. 

While the fear of falling is understandable, there are many ways to reduce the risks and prevent falls. Small home updates may help prevent falls, such as repairing any cracked or damaged steps, adding more lighting, removing rugs, reducing clutter, or adding grab bars near areas of concern. 

In addition to creating a more fall-proof environment, one effective way to prevent falls is to maintain or increase balance and coordination. Staying physically active is a great way to improve coordination and reduce the risk of falls. Area senior centers offer a variety of classes to stay active, and they provide the added benefit of fun! Please check with your doctor before you begin any new exercise routine.

Learn more about these and other strategies to prevent falls in A Matter of Balance, an evidence-based program hosted by CareWell Services. The program offers practical ways to reduce the risk of falling in daily activities, includes some basic exercises to improve balance, and helps reduce the fear of falling.

For more information about A Matter of Balance, please call (269) 441-0930. Call us, we’re here to help!

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