Do you make insurance decisions for a Medicare or Medicaid beneficiary? Filing proper forms with government agencies will save you lots of frustration! 

For Medicare, you need legal authorization anytime you’re acting on behalf of a beneficiary. You can’t enroll another person in Medicare, a Prescription Drug Plan, or a Medicare Advantage Plan–even your spouse–unless you have power of attorney, health care proxy or other authorization to make such decisions for the beneficiary. 

Medicare also has privacy protections that limit access of medical information to people other than the beneficiary. Medicare’s Authorization to Disclose Personal Health Information form can be found on, under the “Claims and Appeals” section of the main page. Call the customer service number on the back of your insurance or prescription plan cards to find out what release of information forms they require in order to talk to caregivers. 

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (Medicaid) has its own form, the Michigan DCH 1183. Caregivers need to have this on file in advance of making any enrollment decisions for a Medicaid beneficiary. MMAP recommends you give a fresh copy of DCH 1183 every time you send in Medicaid Redetermination forms, so DHHS will always have it on file! 

The website may instruct visitors to consult with their local Michigan’s State Health Insurance Information Program (SHIP). In Michigan, the SHIP program is called MMAP, the Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program. MMAP assists Medicare Beneficiaries, and Medicare beneficiaries who also have Medicaid, with health insurance related concerns. Call MMAP at 800-803-7174. For advance planning documents or legal assistance, please contact an attorney.

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