Michigan MMAP clients seen starting March of 2019 may be subject to a quality improvement survey call. This is not a Medicare scam call!

These surveys are funded by our national funder, the Administration for Community Living (ACL), and the surveys rotate through different states each year.  This year it is Michigan’s turn.

Each time a client is seen at MMAP, the counselor files a “contact report” at a secure reporting website. The ACL provides the survey company with a random selection of names and numbers to call from among all clients seen at MMAP each week.  

  • The Caller ID will read “Salt Lake City,” and the phone number is (385) 770-7018. 
  • Participation is strictly voluntary. If the MMAP client is willing to participate they should answer the call when it comes in. They will be told who is calling and what the survey is about.  
  • If the call is not answered by the MMAP client, a message will not be left. The client will not be connected with anyone if they try and call back the number on their caller ID at a later time. 


  • Official Surveyors will not be collecting personal information about the client. You will NEVER be asked for your personal information like your birthday, banking information, or Medicare card information. If a caller ever asks for this type of information, just hang up!


Clients who participate will be asked general questions like: “Were all your questions answered politely?” “Were you provided assistance enrolling in the plan of your choice?” etc.

MMAP thanks you for helping us document your satisfaction with our program to funders, and for the opportunity to improve services if improvements are needed.

For more information on Medicare Scams and how to differentiate scams from survey calls, visit the FTC website.

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