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Join the Diabetes self-management workshop to improve your health

by Colleen Acker, BeWell Activities Coordinator

If you face the daily challenges of living with diabetes, the Diabetes Personal Action Toward Health (PATH) workshops may be helpful for you. These free workshops help people with diabetes and their family members.  As a workshop participant, you can regain control of your life and of the things that matter to you. You will be calmer, less worried, and more confident about managing your health. You will meet new people, share what you know, and come up with new ways to address your health conditions.  Many program participants say that the workshops have helped them have energy to do more and get relief from their pain, fatigue and other symptoms.

What can I expect from Diabetes PATH?

The Diabetes PATH workshop curriculum includes: exercise and nutrition; medication usage; stress management; talking with your health professionals; and dealing with difficult emotions including depression. These free interactive learning workshops provide opportunities for discussion and problem solving in a mutually supportive small-group setting.

Diabetes PATH is a chronic disease self-management program developed in the early 1990s by the Stanford Center for Research in Patient Education, based on a highly successful arthritis self-management program. It is a credible, “evidence-based” program with broad experience and demonstrated results in a variety of settings, populations, and chronic conditions. The Stanford-model workshops are now used internationally in 15 countries and over 39 US states.  Title IIID funding is used to support delivery of these Evidence-Based programs delivered by Area Agencies on Aging. 

“The Diabetes PATH workshop addresses specific problems and goals for people with ongoing health concerns related to diabetes; it is not a drop-in support group,” states Karen Courtney, Director of Programs for CareWell Services SW. “During workshops, the facilitators offer guidance and support, but the participants themselves find practical solutions individually and together. Participants choose their own goals and track their own progress toward success. Taking control of your own health is hugely empowering, and also a lot of fun!”

Is Diabetes PATH right for me?

Diabetes PATH workshops may be for you if you are:

  • aged 55 or older with long-term health conditions
  • feeling limited in your day to day activities
  • feeling tired, alone or fearful
  • looking for better ways to manage your symptoms 

The next Diabetes PATH workshop series is coming up! The six-week class starts on June 5 at the Kool Family Community Center in Battle Creek. Classes will take place every Monday from 1:30pm to 4:00pm, excluding July third. Registration is required by Friday, May 26.  

If you are interested in changing your life for the better, join the next Diabetes PATH workshop by calling CareWell Services SW at (269) 966-2450.

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