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My Medicare Matters–Importance of Updated Proof Documents

By Karen Courtney, Director of Programs, CareWell Services SW

Keeping relevant government agencies up to date so your documentations and paperwork “proofs” all match will ease your path as you age.

Identification: Usually a Drivers License, used to prove age and residency. If you no longer drive, a State Picture ID is also available from the Secretary of State.  Within 10 days of moving, update the address on your ID to show your correct address.

Social Security and Medicare: Inform Social Security of a change of address or legal name, so your documents will get to you for income proofs, and so your Medicare name and mailing address of record will align with your Medicare number. This will help claims get paid timely. Know your payees address including zip code if you have a payee or conservator assisting you with money management. 

Medicaid: If you have Medicaid for health coverage, prescription help, food benefits, or home and community-based services, regulations require you to report changes in income, assets, marital status, family size, health status changes and basically any major life change within 10 days. 

Marital Status changes:  Joint income and asset status changes can impact your available benefits. 

Assets: Bank, Credit Union, life and health insurance, vehicle and home titles, and any other varied other asset proofs should all have your current name, street address on the documents.  

CareWell Services may require you to provide up to date, accurate proofs to determine your initial or ongoing eligibility for funded programs. Having complete and accurate ID, asset, income, and legal disability status information helps us brainstorm solutions and problem solve to meet needs for your unique situations. 

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