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Does it seem silly that an adult would want a robotic cat or dog? Opinions vary, but the fact remains that people need companionship. Isolation can increase the risk of premature death due to any chronic condition. Our friends and loved ones who are living with dementia and mobility issues benefit from the presence of adorable Companion Pets, loveable robotic cats and dogs created to decrease loneliness. They are very lifelike and best of all, they require very little maintenance.  

Homing these friendly, low maintenance critters has become a highlight of my workday. One of the most heartwarming deliveries I’ve made was to a woman in a nursing home. She was very lonely and often cried because she missed her parents, who have been gone for quite some time.  Many times, she described the house where she previously lived and talked about a cat she had.  

When I brought her the tuxedo cat Companion Pet she burst into tears. She hugged the cat and thanked me several times. We talked about naming her new pet and how much it looked like the cat she used to have. The cat meowed and purred which delighted its new owner. The happiness and gratitude she expressed when receiving the pet was absolute gold. It does my soul good to know that she has this little friend to comfort her on the darker days in life.    

I’ve witnessed several wonderful pairings of pets and owners over the last month. Golden dogs, spotted dogs, gray cats, orange cats, and tuxedo cats are snuggling their way into hearts all over Barry and Calhoun Counties. I feel privileged to have played a role in bringing a little joy and connection to folks in a frequently difficult situation. 

Reminiscing about pets they once had, considering a name for the pet, laughing as the dog barks in response to their voices, or smiling as the cat purrs sweetly, can create opportunities for loved ones and their caregivers to interact in a mutually meaningful way. So while these loveable felines and canines are not actual animals, the happiness and comfort they bring are the real deal.  

Companion Pets are available through CareWell Services to eligible individuals. Qualifications include dementia, mobility issues, and chronic disease. If you or someone you know would benefit from a furry friend call (269) 441-0958 for an application.

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