Caregiver Woman Wheelchair
Woman in wheelchair with caregiver

Aging gracefully and with dignity, surrounded by loved ones and a known environment, and remaining connected to a community takes a village. For seniors and those with disabilities, caregiving encompasses more than just professionals providing the hands-on care needs; it expands into a multidimensional unit created and structured with the individual at the center. 

Healthcare has rapidly changed for the population it services; specifically, those of the aging community. Individuals are living longer in their homes now than ever before. One contributing factor was CoVid and the stay-at-home guidelines, helping people and families recognize that aging at home best suits their loved ones needs both mentally and physically. However, maintaining that care can create barriers and unknown stressors; this is where CareWell Services can help. 

When I first came to CareWell Services, I immediately recognized that this organization was very similar to the communities it serves in how they communicate. The internal discussions foster a commitment into providing resources and education based on a team mentality framework to serve the caregiving needs of the communities it serves. I am astounded by the amount of caregiving each program and resource offers while implementing independence and choices for the individual and the families served.  

Our CARES (The Care, Assistance and Resource and Empowerment Services) program offers education, resources, and support to caregivers to help them find informative solutions to caregiving. We collaborate with providers and state agencies to better implement resources while creating solutions to maintain health and independence for individuals. From pet companions, emergency response services, hearing and vision screenings to hands-on care needs, our departments and programs are constantly promoting and prioritizing  the health and wellbeing of seniors and those with disabilities. 

We also provide outstanding services through our MI Choice Waiver Program which collaborates with participants and their families to utilize community resources and state contracted funds to maintain independence within the home. Our Supports Coordinators are qualified licensed social workers and nurses who work collaboratively with various providers to provide hands-on support for in-home health care. They also collaborate with physicians, therapists, and a wide range of specialists an individual may see for chronic conditions and acute conditions to make sure the individual maintains primary, secondary, and tertiary health outcomes; all while the individual can remain at home. 

There is a strong emphasis on teamwork in the way our mission, vision and purpose is carried out internally among staff and externally in the lives and communities of our clients. Every effort and conversation is compassionate and person-centered through and through with each individual and family we serve. The success and importance of collaborative caregiving is truly reflected in the outcomes we see daily from those we serve who have remained within the communities and environments they have identified with their entire lives. Caregiving truly takes a village. 

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