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New Active Choices Program Available in 2023

Do you have a desire to become more physically active but don’t know where to start? Do you feel discouraged by the idea of a stringent routine, driving in bad weather, or the lack of encouragement? Does the idea of exercise make you want to roll your eyes and list the many other things you would rather do? I’m with you. I don’t like following strict plans and find certain types of exercise very boring.  I like choices and flexibility. If you feel the same, read on!

Active Choices is a new program that CareWell Services of Southwest Michigan will be offering to Barry and Calhoun counties in February. This is a telephone based support program to encourage regular physical activity. The unique delivery allows for continued accountability and personalization, as well as adaptability when the weather does not cooperate. The facilitator will assist you in choosing activities that fit your lifestyle. You will have support every step of the way to overcome barriers and celebrate successes. You will receive pertinent information to keep you on the right track. Best of all, the six month program is being offered free of charge!

To learn more about Active Choices, register for the Lunch and Learn on January 6 at the Kool Family Center in Battle Creek. The event begins at 11:30am at the Kool Family Community Center in Battle Creek. Lunch is $6, but you can attend without ordering lunch. Call 269-441-0930 by Wednesday, January 4 to let us know if you would like to order lunch or if you will just be coming for the presentation. If you are unable to attend but want to know more, call (269) 441-0598 or email  

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