CareWell Services’ Friendly Phone Reassurance Program is back! This program exists to connect older adults who live alone, are homebound, or just need someone to talk to with caring and compassionate volunteers. Each participant will receive regular phone calls at a scheduled time from trained volunteers. The program’s goal is to combat social isolation and help those that want to age independently in their home by lending a listening ear, a friendly voice, and emotional support.

Loneliness and isolation continue to be a concern for the senior community. Social contacts tend to decrease as we age. One in four people over the age of 60 live alone, and one in three lack regular companionship. Studies show a connection between social isolation and higher rates of elder abuse, as well as issues with physical and mental health.

Regular calls from one of our specially trained volunteers can help reduce feelings of isolation, loneliness, and depression, by increasing social engagement and developing a meaningful relationship.

When seniors sign up, they will be matched with a volunteer who then calls them at a predetermined time. An important aspect of the program is the welfare check that call provides. If the volunteer is not able to contact the senior after three calls, CareWell Services will be notified and will contact their emergency contact.

Seniors who would like to sign up for the Friendly Phone Reassurance Program can call CareWell Services at 269-441-0930. If you know an older adult who would benefit from the program, please obtain their permission before signing them up. Eligible seniors are those who are 60 years of age and older, residing in Barry or Calhoun counties.

Want to be a volunteer? Are you willing to establish a friendly, caring relationship with seniors over the phone? Do you have great listening skills? Volunteers should be willing to attend orientation and training sessions, and also agree to a background screening and reference check. Call CareWell Services at 269-441-0930 for a volunteer application and additional information.

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