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Medicare and Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP)

MMAP is Michigan’s guide to maximizing your benefits! 

MMAP is a program offered by CareWell Services Southwest that provides benefits counseling for seniors and newly qualifying adults with disabilities in Barry and Calhoun County with Medicare, Medicaid, Part D, and other insurance needs. Persons new to Medicare because they are leaving a workplace plan also find MMAP services useful in understanding their transition to Medicare. MMAP service is completely free of cost. 

MMAP helps clients make sure they have the best, most cost-effective Medicare health insurance plan for their needs. Counselors provide unbiased education and assistance. They can help identify resources for prescription drug assistance, explain Medicare health plan options, understand doctor bills, hospital bills and Medicare Summary Notices. 

Counselors also screen for options that help with the premium and copay costs of Medicare health insurance, such as the Medicare Savings Program for Part B premiums, and the Extra Help Low Income Subsidy Program for prescriptions. Counselors help individuals understand Medicare/Medicaid enrollment, coverage, claims and appeals, as well as assist in reviewing Medicare supplemental (“Medigap”) insurance needs, comparing policies and pursuing claims and refunds.

MMAP counselors receive thorough training and are supervised by staff. Counselors learn to problem-solve and are ready to take on challenges. Education is ongoing and vast. Included in training is the Senior Medicare Patrol, the national program that helps Medicare recipients prevent, detect, and report healthcare fraud, errors, and abuse. Persons who enjoy learning and helping people are invited to consider volunteering as a MMAP counselor.

Call the statewide MMAP hotline number at 800-803-7174 to be connected to the MMAP office nearest to your home.

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