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My Medicare Matters: Medicare Savings Plan, 2024 Updated Medicaid Eligibility

Medicaid assists people of all ages, including many lower income senior and disabled citizens, helping to offset Medicare costs via the Medicare Savings Plan (MSP). Multiple tiers exist, based on income and assets. The updated 2024 information is shown below.  

* Income limitations are based upon total monthly income, from all sources (Social Security, 401k distributions, pensions, dividends, etc.), before any deductions are taken, such as the Part B Medicare premium or taxes.

** Asset limitations do not include one home, one vehicle, your personal belongings, or a $1,500 burial expense exclusion. 

ProgramDescriptionMonthly IncomeAssets
AD-Care (Aged and Disabled Care) Full Medicare CoverageSingle: </=$1,275*Married: </= $1,723.50*Single: </= $2,000**Married: </= $3,000**
QMB (Qualified Medicare Beneficiary)Pays for: Medicare Part B premium, Part A&B deductibles, Medicare co-paymentsSingle: </= $1,275*Married: </= $1,723.50*Single: </= $9,430*Married: </= $14,130**
SLMB (Specialized Limited Medicare Beneficiary)Pays for: Medicare Part B premium only. Single: $1,275.01-$1,526*Married: $1,723.51-$2,064*Single: </= $9,430* or </= $2,000**Married: </= $14,130** or </= $3,000**
ALMB aka QI (Additional Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary)Not an entitlement, pays when funds are available, first-come, first-served; Pays: Medicare Part B premiumSingle: $1,526.01-$1,714.25*Married: $2,064-2,319.50**Single: </= $9,430* or </= $2,000**Married: </= $14,130** or </= $3,000**

Not certain if you qualify for these savings? Your local MMAP (Michigan Medicare Assistance Program) office can help you determine your eligibility and apply for these benefits. There are offices in every Michigan county. Call today! 800-803-7174 MMAP is a free Medicare counseling service provided to you via state and federal grants.

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