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My Medicare Matters—Medicaid Redeterminations Restarting

By Karen Courtney, Director of Programs, CareWell Services SW

Not sure if you have Medicaid? If your federal Social Security income letter shows you are paying $0 for your Medicare Part B premium, it is likely that you are receiving State Medicaid assistance in paying that $164.90 premium, via the Medicare Savings Program Buy-In. If you have Medicare, plus Medicaid “with a spend-down” or a deductible, you are covered by this Medicare Savings Program, and you will be getting a redetermination letter in the coming months. 

Medicare and Medicaid Redetermination in June 2023

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) will begin eligibility redeterminations in June now that the public health emergency is ending.

What to Expect from a Medicare or Medicaid Redetermination Letter

 Redetermination letters will request fresh income and asset information from all persons who receive state Medicaid assistance from the Medicare Savings Program. Social Security income statements, pension statements, Investment statements, bank and credit union statements, assets, and titled property are some of the documents you may need for redeterminations.

What to Do When You Expect a Redetermination Letter

Persons with Medicare and any level of Medicaid should promptly open all mail from MDHHS. Redetermination letters often have a short window of time for turning in the paperwork, sometimes just a few days. You can request a ten-day extension BEFORE the deadline date. Failure to turn in the required documentation proofs timely will result in your Medicaid case being canceled, and your Medicare Part B Premium will then be taken out of your Social Security money. 

It can take several MONTHS to reapply and return to the Buy-In program, if your case is canceled. Don’t short yourself $164.90 each month! Open your mail!

If you have Medicare and need help completing your Medicaid Redetermination, call MMAP at 1-800-803-7174.

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