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The annual Part D Deductible for 2023 may be as high as $505 for some Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage with Part D drug plans. In 2022, the highest deductible was $450.

An exciting change for 2023 is that the annual deductibles can no longer be charged against insulins.

A regulation passed in July 2022 which restricts part D and Medicare Advantage plans with Prescription coverage to charge no more than $35 per brand of insulin refill per month. Plans do not have to include every insulin brand on their formularies, but the ones they do include cannot cost more than $35 per refill. Non-insulin diabetes injectable medications are NOT included in this $35 rate, so the one-a-week shots aren’t included. 

The regulation is so new that the website programmers haven’t caught up yet, so prices reflected at the website are still showing full prices. This fall, is best used to just verify which insulins are covered by which plans, and know that each insulin will run $420 for the entire year. 

Your current part D plan can tell you if your current brands of insulin are on their $35 list, or you can check at 

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