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CareWell Services has launched a volunteer HouseCalls Telephone Reassurance Program to help seniors stay connected during the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting stay at home order. The program provides a contact by telephone with a volunteer one-to-three times per week, offering an easy way for seniors to request help if needed.

“The call is intended first and foremost to give a friendly connection to a senior who is sheltering in place,” said Karla Fales, CareWell’s CEO, “but more than that, it is a way to help give peace of mind and a way to get help with things like grocery delivery, home delivered meals or a personal emergency response system that will help them continue shelter in place safely and successfully.”

Seniors are at highest risk for developing severe symptoms if infected with COVID-19. For this reason, staying at home and reducing exposure to others is especially important to reduce risk. HouseCall volunteers not only offer an opportunity for conversation, they also have direct access to the Senior Resource Call Center at CareWell Services, which can connect seniors to needed services in the community.

“I have talked to so many in the last few weeks. At first they are timid, nervous or overwhelmed. Just having a voice offering hope and letting them know they are not alone can make all the difference in the world sometimes,” said CareWell Resource Navigator, Shannon Lundberg. 

When seniors sign up, they are matched with a volunteer who then calls them at a predetermined time. The other important aspect of the program is the welfare check that call provides. If the volunteer is not able to contact the senior after three calls, CareWell will be notified and will contact their emergency contact.

 “We are all watching out for each other right now. That’s important.” said Sherri Leeper, the HouseCalls program coordinator. 

Seniors who would like to sign up for HouseCalls Telephone Reassurance Program can call CareWell at 269-966-2450. If you know an older adult who would benefit from the program, please obtain their permission before signing them up.

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