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CareWell Services’ Companion Pet Program Offer Furry Friends to Decrease Isolation

Isolation and loneliness can increase the risk of premature death due to any chronic condition. This fact is a neon sign indicating the importance of staying connected. A Companion Pet can be that lifeline for many older adults.

Research has shown that pet-assisted therapy has many benefits, including reducing stress and depression, and improving socialization. However, pets are not accessible or realistic for all individuals because of the time and costs of taking care of them. This is where robotic pets come in!

A robotic companion pet is a great option for individuals with dementia or chronic diseases, or those with mobility issues. The pets’ purring cuteness and playful barks are a delight.  They are lifelike and, best of all, they require very little maintenance. Our friends and loved ones who are living with dementia and mobility issues benefit from the presence of these loveable robotic cats and dogs created to decrease loneliness.  

If you or someone you know would benefit from a furry friend call CareWell at (269) 441-0930 or email for an application. 

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