Below are several strategies you can use to reduce your prescription costs, without rationing or not taking your prescription. Rationing, which means reducing the amount you take is NOT advised. 

Annual Open Enrollment plan comparisons: MMAP counselors give free unbiased help.

The “Extra Help” Program: This low income subsidy program reduces your drug plan insurance premium and copays on meds for income and asset qualified persons. MMAP can screen to see if you qualify.

Manufacturers Assistance plans: Find the drug manufacturer name online or off the medicine box, and search for patient assistance plans and application forms on their company website.  Each company plan differs.

Senior Millage:  Calhoun County seniors age 60+ may qualify for some prescription assistance. Contact the Fountain Clinic in Marshall for details. 

Coupons: Use websites like Good Rx for coupons. AVOID “drug clubs” which require monthly payments while they supposedly work to get your prescription. These clubs are under scrutiny for being pyramid type schemes/scams.

Talk to your prescribing doctor: There are often tried and true older meds which are less expensive available. Let your doctor know cost is an issue. Ask what might be triggering symptoms—find out if reducing mold, smoke, and pet exposures or getting an in-home HEPA air filter could reduce need for breathing meds, for example. See if you can fix or reduce the problem, not just treat the symptom caused by the problem. 

Talk to your pharmacist. See above. Your pharmacist may be willing to phone your doctor to discuss cost versus benefit comparisons of alternative medicine choices.

YOU are an active part of your health team! Staying involved and communicating issues with your care providers can help reduce your unhealthy stresses over costs.

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