Social connections help people maintain their health, both mentally and physically. There is mounting evidence showing that socializing can provide many benefits to your health. People who are socially connected may live longer, have a stronger immune system, and experience improved brain health.

The pandemic has been an isolating event in our lives. Many people are living day to day and month by month without in-person contact with family or friends. To some degree, we are all isolating to stay safe. How can we relieve some of the loneliness that has resulted from the pandemic and experience more healthy social connection? 

Technology has gifted us with ways to stay in touch. We can connect to each other safely from home and yet share some electronic space. We believe senior centers are avenues to reconnect with loved ones and friends. In former times, that connection came through a variety of in-person programs, events, and classes. Now, we have the opportunity to connect using our electronic devices. We can see and hear each other in real time. 

If you are looking for connection, join us for virtual programs at Heritage Commons! Our programs can help you connect with friends both new and old. We have four upcoming Lunch and Learn events in February. We have an ongoing live exercise class that you are welcome to join as well. 

Heritage Commons Senior Enrichment Center’s mission is to provide a gathering place for older adults to participate in activities and access resources that promote their well-being. We are striving to do this virtually as well! All virtual Lunch and Learns are available to area seniors for free. Please email or call 269-719-0766 for registration and information on each one. Other virtual events and activities such as exercise classes are available to members on Zoom. If you are not a member, join us for an activity or two, you will be glad you did!

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