Forks Senior Center (FSC) reopened its doors on July 6. Members were excited about getting back to see old friends, working out in the Fitness Center, and playing Euchre and Bingo. 

FSC requires that all people in the center wear masks unless they are exercising and socially distanced. People entering the center check their temperature on an automated temperature scanning device, provided by CareWell Services, which also checks to see if they have a mask on. So far no one has come in with an elevated temperature, and we have determined that 95% of our members are vaccinated. FSC does not require a vaccine to attend, but we do ask each person if they are vaccinated. 

In July, the FSC Board decided to continue the mask mandate through August. With COVID cases once again rising in Calhoun County, the mask mandate within the center will stay in place to keep everyone safe. 

Membership at the Senior Center is currently free and open to anyone 60 years of age or married to someone who is 60 or above. In January 2022 the membership fee will return to $75 per year. There are resources for those who are unable to pay the full amount. You do not have to be a resident of Calhoun County to become a member. Several of our members live in Jackson County. 

We really wanted to encourage people to come in, see the center, hang out with folks and realize that it is a great place to see old friends or meet new ones. You can have fun while exercising or playing cards or games. Our older adults have really struggled with not having social interaction and seeing friends. They also were more likely to sit around and get more sedentary. We need to move and be active and get out and have fun with others, while still being safe. The Center gives them that safe space to do that.

We do a lot of cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day. We go through a lot of Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer, but it’s worth it. We have always done a good job of disinfecting equipment between uses and wiping tables between people, but now we also wipe off touch screens, door handles, and even pens. 

Anyone interested in being a member can contact the Forks Senior Center at (517) 629-3842 or stop by at 101 N. Albion in the Calhoun County Human Services building in Albion. Our entrance is at the back of the building. 

We love to show off our great center and people are always welcoming. There is a lot of laughter that goes on here, sometimes at my expense when the members love to tease me. It’s a great group of people who really enjoy spending time together and I hope you’ll join us!  

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