If you are feeling isolated and alone, don’t wait for others to reach out and call you, call someone today. Find a way to check in with other friends or family members. It doesn’t matter what you discuss, just let them know how you are doing. Reaching out can be a restorative  and therapeutic act. Often we don’t call or text or write because we might not have too much to say; call anyway! You can ask about activities, hobbies, or even thoughts on the weather, anything to start a dialogue. For some people, long conversations or visits are necessary, just the act of connecting can have a positive effect on both parties. 

Right now, the old adage “talk is cheap” is not so. Connecting through conversation is a tonic in these tough times. It doesn’t have to be a long call, just letting someone know you are thinking of them is so meaningful. Setting up a schedule to get in touch once a week can provide such a friendly reassurance and can help maintain positivity.

Not sure who to call or need someone to check in on you? CareWell Services’ Phone Reassurance Program is here to help! Sign up to receive weekly calls for wellness checks and friendly conversation. Call (269) 966-250 to sign up.

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