The pandemic has challenged us in ways we could not imagine just seven months ago. We all know that companionship is important for our mental and physical wellbeing. Companionship is gold; it is the best of personal interactions. Companionship has been put at a premium in the pandemic when so many are living alone. We cannot and should not be out among groups of people. That makes our everyday contacts priceless! 

Companionship allows for brain stimulation providing us occasions to consider others rather than ourselves for a time. Our anticipation of future meetings with friends or family members can prevent the onset of depression. It can lift people out of loneliness. Our bonds with friends and family members give us purpose and provide support for us, both mental and physical. 

Companionship comes in many forms. It can be experienced in person or on the phone, or by computer or tablet as a virtual medium. If you have people that you cannot see, call them. It is a great way to connect and provides opportunities to connect to others. It can strengthen your emotional bonds and let someone know you are thinking of them. Simple interactions can count for so much for all of us and lift our moods. We function better when we have spent time with others. Make time today for companions. Look into virtual programming, we have various virtual local programming available. Heritage Commons is offering virtual lunch and learn events available to every Calhoun County senior that has a computer, tablet, cell phone or landline. Registration is easy! Please email for information on upcoming lunch and learns or exercise.

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