Studies have shown that seniors with untreated hearing and vision loss reported a lower quality of life than those whose hearing and vision loss has been treated with hearing aids and eyeglasses. Hearing and vision loss can add to the perception that an older person is “slow” or is losing their faculties, which is usually not the case. This negative perception from others can lead to negative self-perception, withdrawal, and feelings of isolation, which can result in lower self-esteem, frustration, and even depression.  

CareWell Services can help. With the financial support of Calhoun County Senior Millage, CareWell is offering the HearWell and SeeWell programs for Calhoun County residents aged 60 years and over who financially qualify.

Eligibility screening services will be available at the Forks Senior Center in Albion, the Heritage Commons Senior Enrichment Center in Marshall, and the CareWell offices at the Kool Family Center in Battle Creek. You will either be screened for eligibility immediately or asked to make an appointment to complete the eligibility screening to determine if you are eligible to receive hearing or vision assistance.

At the screening, you will be asked to provide several items: 1. Proof of age and Calhoun County residency by showing your Driver’s License or State ID card, 2. Proof of income by showing your check stub, tax return, bank statements, Social Security income statement, etc,   3. Copies of all insurance cards, such as Medicare, Medicaid, VA, Part D, Medigap, Medicare Advantage or others. 

Pre-screening applications for services will also be available at the Fountain Clinic in Marshall, Grace Health in Battle Creek, and at the Albion Healthcare Alliance in Albion. Once your application is completed at one of these locations, you will make an appointment for an eligibility screening with CareWell.

Once your information has been processed by CareWell, we will assist you in making your appointment with Battle Creek Hearing or America’s Best Vision. A limited number of these hearing and vision services will be provided annually.  

For more information about the HearWell and SeeWell programs, call CareWell Services at 269-441-0930. We’re here to help!

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